Rembrandt, the Miller’s Son

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Rembrandt, the Miller’s Son
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Димензије: 14 × 20 cm
ИСБН: 978-86-515-0600-3
Година издавања: 2011.
Издавач / Суиздавач: Издавачка кућа Прометеј

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The first novel by Sreten S. Petkovic, Rembrandt, the Miller”s Son is a romantic biography of Rembrandt van Ryan, but not only that. A world of senses, experienced from the perspective of the great artist, reveals the dance of colors and shadows, senses and perceptions. With taxonomic data on Rembrandt, Petkovic is loquacious when it comes to Rembrandt”s personal and intimate being. From a childhood spent in a mill, school days, love to Saskia and Titus, till the great tragedy which befell him, from which his spirit recovered, Rembrandt revives as a vibrant and positive character.

Love for women, painting and his son intertwines with a gallery of characters who surround him in Amsterdam creating an image of the seventeenth century society. Petkovic describes Rembrandt as a sensitive, but a reasonable man, wondering over the creation and evanescence, and again as an energetic and a capable man. Sententious and allegoric, Rembrandt, the Miller”s Son is a novel with an interesting style, approach and topic.”

(The Politika, February 2009)

“Ever since I first saw you, Saskia, my thoughts have been mesmerised by you. Your attractive feminine softness and look that recognised mutual longing have become the joy of my life. A moment for dreams. Your touch changed my intentions. Made the impossible possible. It brought me calm and taught me how to hope. You spelled away my lonely nights instantly. You changed my thoughts, my movements, my silence. Your smile brought sparkles in my eyes. As indomitable winds, my hands moved towards you to caress you. You brought trembling and lust for you in me every step of the way.”

Сретен С. Петковић

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